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viiiiva Bluetooth & ANT+ cinta pulsométro

viiiiva Bluetooth & ANT+ HR soft strPrecio:  79 Eur (* 54.00 Eur)


VIIIIVA Bluetooth & ANT+ HR soft strap.
- This heart rate strap works with both the Bluetooth and the ANT + frequency.
- Works as "bridge" converting ANT+ sensors to BT 4.0 so they can be received by devices supporting the Bluetooth 4.0 standard (smartphones or some Polar and Suunto devices, etc.).
- Activity Logging for saving data directly on Viiiiva without taking your phone or device (65hrs of memory).
- New heart rate algorithm for highly responsive heart rate monitoring (ten times more accurate than most other sport heart rate monitor options).
- Advanced beat-to-beat measurement for better tracking of Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
- Pairing to ANT+ enabled Fitness Equipment fore real-time data and activity logging (Look for the “LINK HERE” logo).
- Tap to Pair between Viiiiva and your smartphone.

* Precio subvencionado al comprar el instrumento conjuntamente con un plan de entrenamiento Plata o superior (les planes inferiores benefician de descuentos más bajos)


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