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STRYDPrecio:  229 Eur (* 189.00 Eur)


STRYD Running With Power.
Here is the ultimate training method for runners and triathletes. This is a foot pod compatible with ANT + and Bluetooth, that does measure the effort you make running and expresses it in Watts, which means that you can use a truly objective method to monitor your training (as you know heart rate is often misleading and running speed/pace does not take into account elevation). On top of that, STRYD does also allow you to improve you running form, hence becoming faster without spending more energy, because it allows you to instantly see how you get faster, at the same effort. You can get a great discount of up to 40€ if you buy a STRYD/2PEAK Plan combo. Select the STRYD from the left side to be added to your training package offer.

* Precio subvencionado al comprar el instrumento conjuntamente con un plan de entrenamiento Plata o superior (les planes inferiores benefician de descuentos más bajos)


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