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S-WORKS EVADE GC SKINSUIT Limited Spécial Edition für 2PEAK

An aerodynamic race suit is probably one of the most important, legal things, you can do to increase your race speed significantly.

How fast you are on your bike, depends on two things: How fast and hard you pedal and your Aero- Performance. The easier and more cheap version to increase speed is to choose the right clothing.
A good aerodynamic race suit, like the S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit has about the same effect as all aerodynamic cycling shirts ever will but for a much cheaper price.

It doesn't matter if you wanna do a triathlon or a cycling race. With this suit you'll be faster in any race. Even sprints at the Tour de France wear it.

With a very fast second skin, the air resistance against your body (where it is the highest) is reduced.
Measurements have shown, that naked skin isn't very good, in allowing the air to flow over it and is very resisting. Shaving does help but isn't optimal either.
The Evade Skinsuit sees exactly that and solves this problem. It decreases the air resistance of the person wearing it. This effect doesn't only happen when you are riding in aero position but it works its magic always. It gives speed and saves you your energy. So if you wanna be fast, it's must have.

Here's an idea of the time you'll win when wearing this suit instead of a normal cycling shirt and shorts:

40 km: 1:30 Min 180 km: 6:45 Min

Important: Every athlete (you don't have to be a super pro) will experience this win in time.

The Evade Suit is fast and easy to use. The material is very stretchy and comfortable to wear. There's integrated back pockets, a long zipper and it's also great for triathletes. It's optimal for long and short distance.
There's ten different sizes, which make it possible for everyone to find their right fit
There's the standard sizes XS-XL and there's also XSS (XS-short) SS (small-short) ST (small-tall) MT (medium-tall) ILT (large-tall)
You can find the sizing here

2PEAK offers you the possibility to purchase one of these limited Evade Suits in an exclusive 2PEAK design. For only 199€!!! (it normally costs around 500 US $ and you can't get it in Europe). Order fast, we've only got 50 in stock and will try to get your suit to you as fast as possible.


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