Training data upload:

Uploading your training data to 2PEAK will allow you to log your training faster, but also for us to analyze your training more objectively. 2PEAK makes the most of your training device!
While other training service providers call it a day after analyzing your data from past workouts, 2PEAK uses this as its starting point: by continuously comparing your actual and your planned workouts, we optimize your future workouts and recalculate your training plan as needed, which ensures that you will reach your peak when you want to.

2PEAK is currently compatible with the following instruments:
  • Polar devices, all data synchronised over Polar Flow or (or manual upload of file format: *.hrm, *.kml )
  • Ciclosport (file format: *.tur)
  • Suunto all data synchronised over (file format: *.sdf, *.gpx )
  • All Garmin files synchronised over Garmin Connect (or manual file uploads in the format:*.xml, *.tcx, *.fit or *.hst)
  • Sigma data can be uploaded to 2PEAK using the SIGMA DATA CENTER directly.
  • Nike + iPod combination
  • SRM Powermeter (file format: *.srm)
  • PowerTap (file format: *.csv)
  • Ergomo (file format: *.csv)
  • Swimsense (file format *.sws)

+ Very simple upload: The file format is recognized automatically if the file name has the correct suffix.
Please note that the software that comes with your device often offers alternative formats and/or exports which can't be recognized by the 2PEAK upload. We need the raw data files (see formats above) which are also always saved by the manufacturer's software on your hard disc. If in doubt on how to locate them, make a search (under Windows using Explorer while using Spotlight under Mac) of the formats defined above. Just enter the abbreviation as listed above into the search field.

Advantage of data uploading:

+ Faster logging
2PEAK automatically imports duration, distance, ascent and all other available parameters into your log. Therefore, you won't need to log your workouts manually. With intelligent algorithms, 2PEAK corrects potential data scrambles such as heart rate, or altitude in GPS data, thus providing a clear picture of your training.

+ Objective analysis of your training intensity Depending on the device you upload from, 2PEAK is able to analyze your workout based on heart rate, power and/or speed zones. We detect how much time you spent in each training zone. Our goal is objective definition of your training intensity for training (re)calculation. Ideally this analysis is output based, which means being able to collect power data from cyclists and speed/pace data from runners. Parallel to these, traditional heart rate data will be analyzed as well. oops

Supported power measuring devices for cyclists.

SRM cranks, Ergomo cranks, Power Tap hub, Polar watches with (optional) Power Output Sensor. You will find more information regarding power measurement here »

Supported Speed & Distance devices for runners.

Garmin Forerunner devices (GPS-Data), Polar or Suunto T-Series with foot pod (accessory) or Ambit, or the iPod nano with Nike + iPod Sportkit

Mac friendly





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