Performance Tests

The aim of training is to improve performance. 2PEAK has for you several simple but very effective methods for measuring your fitness level under real conditions, repeated as often as required.
When you find the Fitness Test icon on your plan, please take note of the ideal time for testing your form in the respective sport. It is however up to you whether to perform our test (or one from an outside lab) OR to do the workout shown, with its planned intervals.

Performance on its own is an abstract value at first, as can not be deduced solely from speed. Wind, road surface, route profile and aerodynamic drag (bicycle AND rider) all have a major influence on the speed a rider can achieve for a given power output (or performance). Therefore power should be measured directly. The directest way of doing this is by using a power meter such as the SRM crank or the Power Tap hub. An alternative method not requiring expensive investment is the MP Climbing test as outlined below.

More information on power measurement >>

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