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Here you can find all sorts of articles on topics worth to know if you are an enthusiast endurance athlete. Some of these articles were previously published in our newsletter and are gathered here for a better overview. If you feel that there is a topic missing which would be of general interest, please let us know.

Filosofía de Entrenamiento 2PEAK
Gana fuerza durante la recuperación - Entrenamiento DINÁMICO
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Our 3D model
The scientific model used by 2PEAK
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Too much or too little
Why has 2PEAK training me so much/little or hard/easy?
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Reverse Periodisation
Reverse Periodisation- training during winter; The base mile fanatic isn’t necessarily right!
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What happened to my intervals?
The answer to the problem, when is an interval an interval?
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How to move or swap workouts
Get your ideal training load when you need to move or swap your workouts
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Cardiac Drift
When your heart starts to do its own thing!
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Feeling hungry
Is it really hunger or are we fooling ourselves?
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Doubts weaken
Doubts weaken- train your most important muscle!
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The 2PEAK Battery Explained
Why is my friend faster but trains less?
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Tu 2PEAK Training-Meter
¿Qué es y cómo funciona?
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2PEAK Smart Trainings
Solo trabajando en tus debilidades puedes volverte más fuerte
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Shoulder strength exercises
Especially for swimmers / triathletes that need stronger shoulders....
Rotator Cuff Exercises 2PEAK >
The Chin Up 2PEAK >
Pull Up 2PEAK >

2PEAK "Social" Feature
Finding like minded athletes and never having to train alone through 2PEAK...
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Christmas tummy: Train More Or Eat Less?
What to do when all that gingerbread doesn't seem to help with reaching your race weight.
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2PEAK tag feature
What made the difference?
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Race Recovery
How do I keep my "motor" running during the race season?
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Swimming Glossary
What do all of these smart terms in my swimming plan even mean?
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Carbohydrate periodisation for improved performance
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Stronger through effective trainer workouts
Working out indoors is, for most cyclists, not exactly a pleasant thing. But engaging in it allows for very specific and effective workouts
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Guidelines for a successful trainingscamp
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Plan your season right
Your main races are the pivots around which the training schedule should revolve. We show you what a difference good planning makes.
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Power data from the Craft Transalp 2010
Female vs. male power: We analyse the power data of a mixed pair at the famous Craft Bike-Transalp stage race 2010
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The Myth of the Training Break - training in the off season
Do you need a break in training in Autumn or Winter? What can you do to begin the next season at a higher level?
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High Altitude Training
By training in thin high altitude air, top athletes seek peak form. 2PEAK presents a summary of methods and experience of altitude training
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Are the triple jump and 100 meter sprint really endurance events?
Musculature is an important performance-limiting factor in endurance sport. Read on, to see how you can train your musculature optimally
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Fighting Cramp
Muscle cramp is inherent in sport. But what can be done to minimise the risk? And how do you get rid of it? 2PEAK has the answers
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Race nutrition
Proper nutrition and hydration before and during the competition
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Data Analysis from the Jeantex Bike Transalp 2009
An exclusive look at the hardest Mountain bike race there is. How hard must you pedal in order to stay with the Transalp leaders? The SRM-Data from Günter Sandmann – Masters racer, give you the answer
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Training for the over 50s
Aerobic sport keeps you fit and healthy. Tips and facts about training once you pass 50
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Smooth Pedalling
Learn to ride faster with the correct pedalling technique, tips and background information
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Peaking and Tapering
The perfect timing for the d-day: how to peak and taper for the main race
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Long-Jog - the Myth
Do you need to run extended distances in training in order to be able to complete a marathon or long distance race?
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Training for cycling in winter conditions Cold, snow and wet - should I still train outside through the winter? How long? What alternatives are there?
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We show you how to perform efficient roller trainings (in co-operation with our partner TOUR-magazine).
Videos of Roller exercises»

Running Drills

Improve your running technique!The videos with running coach Benoit Nave show, how to train running technique, strength and power efficiently.
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strength and power training on stairs (ca. 9 MB) »

Strength Training for racing cyclists
Strengthening and stretching excercises, strength training with machines, setup of a maximum strength cycle
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Training in the Max Power zone (Z5)
Keeping the correct tempo when running and cycling, why pulse meters can't help in the Max Power zone
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Tempo regulation for Ironman
Data analyses from the Ironman Hawaii 2004-2007, ratio: cycling/running, comparison: Pros/Agegroup competitors
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